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Alex Mecum Vital Stats:
Height:  6'0"
Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius
Birthday:  December 6th
Eye Color:  Blue
Body Type:  Muscular
Role:  Versatile Top
Cock Size:  8.5"
Cock:  Cut
Favorite Foods:  Everything I shouldn't be eating.. like pizza and ice cream.
Favorite Movie:  Shadowlands
Favorite City to Visit:  London
Hobbies:  Piano, theater and anything crafty.
What I Like Most:  Schedules and stability.
What I Don't Like:  Horror movies.
Best Thing About Me:  I'm tall and have relatively dark hair.
Worst Thing About Me:  I like things to go the way I wnat them to.
How To Make Me Happy:  Chocolate
Favorite Quote:  The way of life is wonderful; it is by abondement. - Emerson
Hair Color:  Salt & Pepper

I think I'm just a normal person that likes most of the typical things a gay guy does. I like to go to the theater, symphony or concert hall for reall any event. I like doing little arts and crafts, baking.. really, anything to keep ,y hands busy.
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One of my favorite porn performers. Beautiful body, sexy eyes, and great smile.