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Models / Derek Thibeau
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Derek Thibeau Vital Stats:
Height:  6'3"
Astrological Sign:  Leo
Birthday:  August 10th
Eye Color:  Brown
Body Type:  Toned
Role:  Aggressive Top
Cock Size:  8"
Cock:  Uncut
Hair Color:  Brunette

Derek Thibeau (pronounced Tee bow) is a hunky 6'3', 210 lbs MMA fighter who came to us a few weeks back looking to make some extra cash. He's 28 y.o. and defines himself as bi-curious. You wouldn't guess it with his inked body, shaved head and tall stature, but this guy is a gentle giant. He may be charming, but, as a fighter, he's definitely not some you would want cross.

Derek works in construction and lives in Montreal. He came in early one morning a bit tired after having scored the night before. So we let him have a bit of a rest, but shortly thereafter, his 8 inch uncut cock was rising to the stars and he was ready to show how talented he is at working his dick. Derek is a bit of a show man also. He showed us a finely developed body and nice pecs. He says that work has been preventing him from hitting the gym enough in the past few weeks, but now he is getting back into training for this fall.
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